Polls: Ask questions, get answers

Canโ€™t decide whether to go out or chill at home, or whether to watch Marvel or DC?

Do a Poll!

No need to change apps to come to a democratic decision- Shardings got you covered!

Preparing a Poll

You can simply go to Room Setup and start preparing a Poll right there to escape any hassle in between your sessions. You can choose from:

  1. Multiple Choice:

    Go full quiz-style by giving multiple options to choose from to your participants.

  2. preparing-mcq-poll
  3. Open Ended:

    Let your participants enter their own answers and pick the best one from all the results.

  4. preparing-open-ended-poll

Protip : Want your participants to answer honestly to really sensitive questions during your workshop? Keep the participants' answer anonymous by configuring it in the poll settings!

Starting a Poll

Whenever youโ€™re ready to enroll in a poll, click on the " Start Poll "button.


Once the poll ends, everyone will be able to see the results.


Protip : Get participants energised even more when you're showing the answers to open-ended questions by getting participants to upvote on the responses they like the most (double-tap is the key!) and highlight the favorite responses to bring it to everyone's attention.

Creating a new Poll

Create or edit your polls while being in the session itself. Open the Poll Menu from the right side of your screen and check out all the options.