Miro: Collaborate creatively

Revamp your remote workshops by adding Miro - the creative whiteboard to note your session points down!

With Miro directly integrated into Shardings; collaborate creatively, brainstorm ideas and eliminate the need of switching apps to scribble down your thoughts.

Launching Miro board

To launch Miro in Shardings, simply click the Miro icon from the toolbar at the right side of your screen.

Create a new board or log into an existing one if you have an account. It’s that easy, literally!


Make sure to pick ' Allow anyone to edit ' to enable real-time collaboration with participants

Do I need a Miro account?

Using a Miro board in Shardings doesn’t require an account. However, a guest Miro board will be saved for just 24 hours.

To save it for a longer period of time, log into your Miro account.
Logging in has several benefits like: