Interactive Sessions

Online collaboration is awkward 😬 , right?

Well, we got you covered with interactive features to make you feel comfortable even with strangers so as to make you brainstorm better, build better ideas and products.

Get a hands on to this guide of interaction and break the ice without a hassle.

Raise Your Hand Queue

Things can get messy when a lot of participants are talking during a session. And having the urge to ask a question during this chaos is a nightmare in itself. Shardings fix this with the Raise Your Hand Queue.

Whenever you’re ready to start a debate, just ask the participants to raise their hand on the Queue button on the left side of your screen and let them share an idea, ask a question or drop a quick suggestion.


Once a hand is raised, simply select a participant of your choice!


Handing out the Mic

Whenever you give someone access to speak, a yellow box appears at the top corner from the facilitators POV


Emoji Reactions

In this expressive and funky online world, nothing comes close to expressing yourself with the good old emojis!

Act surprised, laugh or give a thumbs up; all while someone else is speaking to give them a token of instant feedback on how they’re performing.


To share a reaction, simply select an emoji from the list of 10 and let the whole session know how you’re feeling.

Speak in the Chat

Use the chat feature during an ongoing session and converse without disturbing the decorum of the meeting.


Protip : Want participants to share how they're feeling in a fun and engaging way? Ask them to share their mood with a GIF!

Private Chats

If you’re co-facilitating, converse with your fellow co-facilitators privately and away from everyone else.


Chat Pop Up

Read your chat messages in a separate full-screen window and keep your work screen clean and tidy.

PS: This works wonders when you have a second monitor!