Agenda: Deliver smoothly

Agendas are virtual structured plans helping your meetings be organized.

Shardings let you use Agendas to keep you aligned-on-track while everything else works smoothly.

What's even better? You can set up the Agenda ahead of the workshop to save yourself from scrambling during the session.

Preparing the Agenda

Open up the Room Setup page to prepare your Agenda or do it from within an ongoing session.

Our recommendation would be to set-up your Agendas before initiating a session to keep things smooth.


Starting the Agenda

Whenever you’re ready to kick things off, simply Start the Agenda and everyone will see the dropdown and timer.


Timer: Keeping Things on Track

Timer function works by turning the fill-bar green or red depending on the time left. This is visible to everyone so make sure to plan things accordingly.


Editing the Agenda

Every plan can’t be perfect and requires a little bit of tweaking here and there. We keep things in mind and let you Edit your Agendas. Change the orders or add new ones; do it all here!

Click on the ✒️ icon and edit the points or timings.